Waste Collecting and Transportation

When receiving Waste collecting request from customers, Thang Long Company will dispatch staffs with transporting Vehicles to the location. After that, Thang Long staffs will proceed step by step according to the regulations on Hazardous Waste management.

Firstly, Our staffs will sort and identify waste; Each type of waste will have different characteristics and composition, requiring separate storage equipment, to minimize leakage and ensure safe transportation.

Type of waste Storage device
Oily rags, fluorescent light bulbs, waste electronic boards, batteries, waste lead accumulators, etc. & Other Hazardous Wastes. Double-layer PP/PE soft packaging
Lubricant, waste solvent Plastic / iron drums capacity 200 – 1000 L
Sludge Tanker tank


After determining the quantity and inspecting the storage of waste, the two parties will make a Hazardous Waste Certificate according to form 36/2015/TT-BTNMT. Company staffs will check once again the arrangement of waste on the vehicle, comply with the correct safety procedures before the vehicle is transported to the factory.


Diversified fleet of specialized vehicles, licensed to transport and destroy Industrial Waste & Hazardous Waste in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment: