Manufacturing Lead Bars

Lead ingot (Pb) is a product of a modern refining line at a 10,000 ton/year lead smelting factory belonging to THANH LONG KIIM TEAM CO., LTD. After mining, the primary ore is selected through flotation technology to become 60% lead concentrate. From here, the lead concentrate is mixed with other additives (lime powder, coke, iron powder, …) and then put into the refining line to produce lead ingots. Currently, LUYM KIM THANG LONG CO., LTD is providing the market with many different lead products, including: Lead 99,995 Lead 99.992 Lead 99.97 Tin Lead Lead Calcium Lead Antimony (1% – 6%) Below is a picture of the factory’s operation:

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Thang Long Metallurgy is a unit specialized in providing products Lead & Other non-ferrous metals with diverse designs, competitive prices in the South region in particular and the whole country in general.