Wholesale of Plastics in Primary form & Synthetic Resin

Primary plastic includes a number of plastics such as PP, PC, ABS, PS-GPPS, HIPS, POM, PA, PMMA… These are all pure, unadulterated plastics without additives.


Primary plastic has the characteristics of flexibility, great elasticity, resistance to warping and pressure. The finished product of primary plastic has a high aesthetic value due to its glossy, smooth surface and bright color.

Depending on the characteristics of each type of primary plastic, these plastics are currently used in many industries such as food packaging, helmets (impact resistance), golf club heads, plastic pipe systems. withstand pressure… In addition, primary plastic is also present in the manufacturing industry of automobiles, electronics, medical equipment, etc. or industrial plastics such as the production of trash cans.


THANG LONG METAL CO., LTD. currently provides high-quality primary and synthetic plastic products.

Wholesale of plastics