Lead 99.97%

Pure Lead Ingot

Made in: Vietnam
Brand: tlmetals
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Lead Ingot 99.97%

Amount of lead: Pb 99.97% (min)
Ingot weight: 27 +/-1kg /ingot
Size: 536 x 84 x 73 (mm)
Package weight: 1,000+/-50 (kg) /pack
Quantity: 36 ingots/pack

*** We can customize according to customer’s order

Pure Lead Ingot is a product of a modern refining line at a 10,000 ton/year lead smelter belonging to THANG LONG METAL CO., LTD.


After mining, the primary ore is selected through flotation technology to become 60% lead concentrate. From here, the lead concentrate is mixed with other additives (lime powder, coke, iron powder …), then put into the lead calcium smelting line.


Currently, THANG LONG METAL CO., LTD. is supplying to the market Pure Lead Ingot products with an average volume of 1 ton/bale (36 ingots).

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