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As one of the leading units in hazardous waste treatment and supply of lead products in the domestic market, the company’s products are manufactured on modern equipment lines, advanced technology and team of experts. Skilled and experienced technical team and workers.


Along with the economic development, the demand for hazardous waste and non-ferrous metal treatment continuously increased, the Company expanded to increase its capacity and was approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for an environmental impact assessment report. project “Expanding and increasing capacity of Non-ferrous metal manufacturing and smelting factory” and a license to practice hazardous waste treatment and destruction with a capacity of 23,000 tons/year.


By 2018, through surveys and research from the actual market demand for non-ferrous metal products in general and especially lead products in particular, is increasing strongly, in which a large part of the demand for lead raw materials of battery production facilities, as well as the volume of waste batteries from waste generators that need to be collected and treated, has increased significantly in recent years, so the Company continues to expand to increase production capacity. of the factory. On February 22, 2019, the Company was approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for the environmental impact assessment report of the project “Addition and increase in capacity of the non-ferrous metal manufacturing and smelting factory to 86,750 tons/year”.


The factory is located in Minh Hung – Korean Industrial Park , Binh Phuoc province, 100km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City.



Become the leading company producing high quality metals in Vietnam & in the region.


Our products not only meet the full -pack demand of customers, but also apply a persistent R&D strategy with high tech in all manufactures, recycling, & waste treatment to ensure the sustainable development.



Thang Long Metal is constantly innovating, exploring and applying green technology to all manufactures with target of high efficiency and friendly environment.


By putting our prestige on the top, Thang Long considers it as the key to success and creating trust in customers.


Thang Long employees are constantly learning, exchanging knowledge, challenging and always maintaining their stability in high.


Honoring the laws, Thang Long always maintains professional ethics, career morality and considering customers› satisfaction as a measure of growth and development.



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